How long will I have to wait for my first appointment?

Adelaide will be able to offer an appointment within one to two weeks.

How long are sessions?

Assessment sessions range from 45 – 60 minutes in duration. Therapy sessions can be 30 or 45 minutes, depending on the age of the child and the presenting difficulties.

How often does my child need to attend?

Weekly or fortnightly therapy sessions will be recommended depending on the communication difficulties experienced. Adelaide will inform parents and caregivers of her recommendation during the assessment process. The frequency of therapy sessions may change throughout the course of the therapy process.

How many sessions will my child need?

The therapy process may last from a few weeks through to many months, depending on the extent of the communication difficulties and the child’s responsiveness to therapy. Adelaide will provide each family with regular progress updates which will assist in giving an indication of the duration of the therapy process.

Do I need a referral from my GP to see Adelaide?

No. You may receive a referral from your doctor, however a referral is NOT required and appointments can be made directly with Adelaide.

Can I receive a rebate?

Your private health insurer may provide rebates for Speech Pathology. You should contact your fund directly for more information. The Medicare Enhanced Primary Care Plan is an initiative aimed at helping children who have chronic problems extending beyond 16 weeks. Your child may be eligible if they have a communication impairment and are under the care of another two health professionals. The Enhanced Primary Care Plan needs to be initiated and completed by your GP.

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